Elegant Informal Upright Sweet Plum Bonsai Tree with S-Shaped trunk


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This bonsai is an appealing and offers a very unique character from an early stage. It features smooth bark and a gentle S-shaped trunk. The sweet plum has stunning well-proportioned foliage, with leaves that are tinged red. The bonsai produces dainty white flowers which in turn bring about tiny plum-shaped fruits. The bonsai is an excellent choice for beginners and more experienced bonsai growers. It comes with a care instructions and a deep blue coloured ceramic pot and sea-blue drip tray.
This is a very elegant indoor bonsai for sale with accentuated curvaceous trunk.
The lovely trunk flow has a beautiful taper and full canopy creating a very artisitc bonsai which ideal for beginners and fun to grow indoors.
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Product Description

Character Sweet Plum Indoor Bonsai Tree with beautiful trunk and full canopy of leaves.
Beautiful hints of red/tan on the new foliage.
Potted into a classic sea-blue lotus-shaped pot with matching drip tray.
An exquisitely styled indoor bonsai for sale which should bring years of pleasure to your home.
This is the bonsai you will receive!


All the bonsai in our Premium Range come complete with matching bonsai pot and humidity tray. Premium Range bonsai represent the very best in quality. The highest standards are maintained in pruning, styling and repotting, with the use of high grade potting media.

This bonsai includes:
* a premium Chinese Sweet Plum indoor bonsai in an ornate ceramic bonsai pot 
* Height (cm): 29
* Pot size (cm): 19 x 13
* Pot details: Sea-blue glazed lotus shaped ceramic bonsai pot.
* Trunk Diameter (cm): 1
* Approximate age (years): 13
* matching ceramic humidity tray
• FREE bonsai care leaflet 
• FREE delivery to most of the UK.




Bonsai Variety

The Chinese Sweet Plum (Sageretia theezans) is a pretty indoor bonsai which has great character at an early age due to the flaky bark revealing tones of red/tan. The stunning foliage has hints of rusty red turning to glossy green. Small white flowers give rise to tiny plum-shaped fruits. A really pretty bonsai and great for beginners.


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