Jade Tree (Portulacaria)

An incredibly easy indoor bonsai variety to care for, the miniature Jade tree (Portulacaria afra) likes a dry soil, and will not require frequent watering.
It is a well proportioned bonsai with naturally small smooth edged leaves and a compact habit. Grows beautifully as a 'broom/orchard style'.
A perfect bonsai for beginners and those with less time for bonsai care. Another fantastic detail is the natural tree like craggy bark.
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We recommend the Jade Bonsai for minimal watering

Outstanding Indoor Bonsai for minimal watering

The miniature Jade Tree (Portulacaria afra) is an indoor bonsai which has small round pad shaped leaves and a compact habit.
This bonsai requires minimal watering so is perfect for those who forget to water!
A tree which originates from warmer climates, hence its adaption to require less water.
If you have a particularly warm room this variety will thrive.
Jade trees often feature strongly in feng shui designs and make the perfect gift symbolising luck and prosperity.

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Perfect for beginners with minimal watering