A Little Piece of Nature in your Home
by Lloyd Noall

Imagine a tree in all its glory. Branches tipped with lustrous green, powerful trunks with curves and splendour. Roots that flow and grip the earth, hollows and scars telling a tale or two. All of these things and more are what inspired people centuries ago to study and grow trees in such a way that they could appreciate and enjoy them in great detail. This process became known as the art of bonsai.

Bonsai is a word which conjures up all sorts of fantasies and fears, and yet it is nothing but a tribute to nature. People have rejoiced in the beauty of plants for centuries, we cultivate and enjoy numerous plants in our gardens and homes every day. Around the world bonsai grace peoples homes and places of work. They bring a little bit of nature to the fingertips of many.

To be able to capture the magic of a tree and enjoy it whether you live in a flat or mansion.

Trees are magnificent plants, in fact to call them plants, seems to do them an injustice. Never the less that is what they are, incredible, beautiful and necessary to our survival.

Extra-Large Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree

Bonsai is not about twisting, manipulating, contorting and stunting trees. It is about caring, enjoying and learning about nature.