Bonsai Lessons with Lloyd Noall Vol 1 Banner

 This week we have started to upload chapters of our Bonsai care DVD onto You-Tube. Owner of Bonsai Direct, Lloyd Noall has been growing bonsai for over 25 years and is considered to be one of the top bonsai masters. Now, in this series of chapters, Lloyd shares his passion, knowledge and expertise with you. In Volume 1, Lloyd teaches the basic principles and techniques for those new to the art of bonsai, but also includes much additional information to inspire and inform anyone already embarked on the bonsai journey. The format of the chapters mirrors Lloyd’s careful and meticulous style of teaching.

There are a total of 16 chapters as listed below; we hope that you find them informative and interesting and that those of you who are new to growing bonsai will gain confidence from watching Lloyd’s Bonsai Care DVD chapters. To view those chapters currently uploaded please view our YouTube Channel or our Bonsai Video pages.

Bonsai Care DVD Chapters

  • Introduction to bonsai
  • Things that make a fantastic bonsai Bonsai care dvd chapters
  • Starting out in bonsai
  • Choosing your first bonsai tree
  • Watering and positioning
  • Principles of pruning
  • Basic pruning
  • Pruning and styling
  • Summary so far
  • How bonsai can change your life
  • Tools and pots
  • Soil
  • Roots and re-potting
  • A glimpse at the roots of a Juniper
  • Wiring and styling
  • and finally