Fantastic & inspired gifts for your husband, father, brother, boyfriend, fiancée, granddad and friends.

Looking for an unusual gift for him? Men are always tricky to buy for, whether you are looking for a birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift. So if you are looking for a gift which he is bound to love, which is simply gorgeous and perhaps the start of a new hobby, look no further than a stunning indoor bonsai tree. Perfect for the home or office and offers so much more than tacky gadgets and fattening chocolates.

Let us help you find a cool present for your fabulous father, brilliant brother, handsome husband or fantastic friend.

We have gifts to suit all levels of bonsai enthusiast. Is the special man in your life a beginner to bonsai? Or is he a collector who would like to add to his collection?
Our gift sets include bonsai essentials needed to give your bonsai the best care. These include feed, mist, scissors, trays and much more; finished off with a lovely happy birthday balloon and optional gift wrapping!

You may even choose the delivery date so that the gift arrives on their birthday or anniversary.
Bonsai make affordable, fun and beautiful gifts for any occasion. They are bespoke and one-of-a-kind so buy an unusual gift for him online today.

Their meanings

Each bonsai variety symbolises a different meaning, this is a great way of tailoring your gift to your specific recipient.
The Chinese Elm radiates inner strength, intuition, wisdom & love.
The Oriental Tea Tree signifies courage & heat, love &devotion.
The Chinese Sweet Plum symbolises protection, creativity, new life & warm wishes.
The Tree of a Thousand Stars/Snowrose radiates well being, good luck & hope.
The Myrtle/Roseapple signifies love, good fortune, long life & joyful living.
The Aromatic Pepper symbolises purification, healing, protection, peace & harmony.
The Ficus Retusa/Fig radiates health, fertility & love.
The Miniature Jade signifies good luck & prosperity.