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Personalised Gift for Grandparents – Beautiful birthday or gifts for Nan, Grandad & Granny.

It can sometimes be hard to find a great personalised gift for nan or grandad when it seems like they have everything already. Our personalised gifts for grandparents are certaintly unique and are the perfect way to show them how much you love them. Bonsai are not only a wonderful present but also can be the beginning of a new hobby, which can bring joy for years to come.

Each of our special bonsai gifts come complete with a beautiful Oriental Tea Tree [always a favourite as it has small white flowers], bonsai fertiliser, a drip tray and pruning scissors. Also included is a white porcelain heart-shaped engraved Special Gran, or Grandad gifts tag.
All our bonsai come with full care instructions and you can add a personal message on the pot or a free greetings message. A personalised pot message is only £1.50 – see the example below.
Add a greetings message to your bonsai pot



You can also choose the delivery date at the checkout, so your special gift could arrive on a birthday or just in time for Christmas.
Bring years of joy to your Granny or Grandad with a beautiful indoor bonsai starter kit.


The Perfect Gift for your Wife

Beautiful, artistic & unique bonsai gift ideas for your wife

Struggling to buy your wife the perfect gift? Perhaps it’s her birthday or an anniversary? Are you looking for something a little more personal than soap or bath-bombs or something sincerer and more inspired than a box of chocolates; have you considered a beautiful bonsai tree?

Bonsai trees have special meanings and are a considered choice. Bonsai, in general, symbolise harmony, peace, order of thoughts, balance and all that is good in nature. The Oriental Tea Tree symbolizes ‘heart’.

Not only are bonsai trees beautiful and artistic, they bring a little of nature into your own home and make wonderful gifts. We offer bespoke templates so you gift can be personalised and stunning gift wrap options. With free and fast delivery (with delivery 7 days a week), you can even choose the delivery date.

Over the past 20 years of selling bonsai gifts we have noticed that, in general, women prefer artistic, flowering bonsai with gentle flowing curves. The Oriental Tea Tree (Carmona microphylla) with its dainty white flowers, elegant trunk flow and pretty fresh foliage makes the ideal bonsai for your wife.

FREE DELIVERY to most areas.

Weekend delivery also available.