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Unique Gifts for Her – Something for Every Occasion

Unique bonsai tree gifts for her

Stylish gifts for female family members and special friends. We offer a huge range of unusual gifts for women for all occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries. Our stunning bonsai make excellent presents, and are the gift of a lifetime.

Are you looking for a special gift for her?

Perhaps an inspired birthday present or striking Christmas gift. A bonsai makes a beautiful and thoughtful unique gift for women. Perfect for your wife, mum, sister, grandma, nan, fiancée, girlfriend or daughter.
A timeless and precious gift idea with special meaning. Beautiful bonsai trees which flower and look ornate in your home for many many years.
We offer a range of delightful gift wraps and you may add a personal greeting message to ensure your sentiment is conveyed.
Don’t forget you can choose the deliver date at the checkout, so delivery can be on their special day!

Bonsai Tree Gifts – Unusual Gifts for Women

Bonsai trees make delightful, meaningful gifts that are ever-changing and as individual as your loved one. Our stunning gifts can be personalised to create the ideal present. Furthermore, you can add care accessories, balloons, gift wrap and personalised tags when you add the bonsai to the checkout. We have many different types of bonsai tree to choose from, with flowering varieties, fast-growing varieties, and fruiting varieties, so you can choose the perfect gift.

Bonsai Meanings

Unusual plant gifts for women

All bonsai have heart-warming meanings, which make these little trees extra special. Here are just a few special meanings:

  • Chinese Elm Bonsai symbolises inner strength, intuition, wisdom and love
  • Fukien Tea Tree symbolises love, devotion, courage and heart
  • Chinese Sweet Plum symbolises creativity, protection, warm wishes and new life
  • Ficus bonsai symbolises health, fertility and love
  • Serissa bonsai symbolises well being, good luck and hope

You can also find all of our indoor bonsai meanings here.

Bonsai Tree Care

With the right care, bonsai trees can live for hundreds of years. All of our bonsai come with free care instructions which are perfect for beginners. We also have loads of guides, videos and information available on our website. Don’t forget to check out our YouTube page.