Bonsai trees make unique and unusual gifts for dad and mum, or family members and gardeners who have everything. If you are trying to find a thoughtful & beautiful gift for a birthday, anniversary or Christmas then look no further. Discover the wonderful world of indoor gardening with a beautiful beginner bonsai starter kit.
Keen gardeners make fabulous bonsai growers, as they truly understand plants and what they need. They also get so much pleasure from tending to these small miniature trees and enjoy the styling & pruning.
All our bonsai are supplied with easy to follow care instructions. They are not difficult and can even be the start of a new hobby.

Maybe you are trying to find something a little different, but unique & individual, gifts for your dad and mum or sister – here we have some bespoke gift ideas just for them. We have put together this range of birthday gifts for your green-fingered friends and family to give you a starting point.

To care for the bonsai, essential accessories include bonsai scissors for precise pruning, a humidity/drip tray to maintain the right moisture levels, bonsai fertiliser for optimal growth, and the appropriate soil . These tools and items are crucial for the health and aesthetics of your miniature tree. Take this into consideration when planning your bonsai gift!