We have a range of bonsai for different occasions whether you are gifting for a birthday, retirement or a wedding. All bonsai symbolise different meanings too which makes gifting a bonsai even more personal!


Our birthday gifting is our largest gift section. We have made a variety of different gifts for lots of different recipients.
We also have zodiac sign gifts, milestone age gifts, birthday gifts for him and birthday gifts for her.

Weddings & Anniversaries

We often create some beautiful twin premium compositions but we also have a wonderful range of lower priced gifts for weddings and anniversaries.

A New Chapter

We believe a bonsai is a fantastic gift to mark a new chapter in ones life. We have created gifts for retirements, new family arrivals and any other reason you may want to congratulate someone!

A Special Note

Sympathy, thank you, get well soon, are a few other reasons you may buy a bonsai gift.

Special Events

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines Day and Christmas are the perfect occasions to give a bonsai!

Looking for a specific person?

If you are struggling to gift a special person in your life, we have made things much easier by tailor making gifts for everyone;
Mum & Dad, Brother & Sister, Grandparents, Grandchildren, Aunts & Uncles, Son & Daughter, Niece & Nephew, Special Friends and Him/Her.

Why gift a bonsai?

People are becoming more aware about choosing environmentally friendly gifts and presents with little impact and sustainable beauty.
Bonsai are living trees which are natural, artistic and make stunning & unusual gifts for men and women. An unusual present for him or her which is eco-friendly and quite literally green. Many people purchase bonsai as gifts for vegans, animal lovers or someone who appreciates something which is natural and beautiful.
All bonsai trees are shown to be effective in carbon absorption (binding atmospheric carbon which is responsible for climate change) and aids in the fight for Clean Air.