Bonsai tree gifts for retirements

Bonsai trees make wonderful retirement gifts as many people have more time on their hands. What could be better than a gorgeous bonsai tree and a new hobby.
Bonsai make a very pretty gift, with gift wrap and personalisation options, they are great fun to prune and style.

When considering which bonsai to gift, it is worth finding out what they would do with their new living ornament.

A Beautiful Interior Tree

If your recipient would like a beautiful tree that they can appreciate, a premium tree or beginners kit may suit them best!

Our premium bonsai are hand picked by bonsai master Lloyd Noall when they are young trees. The trees are styled and shaped for many years and potted into a ceramic pot. The soil we use is a mix of Akadama and another excellent quality soil. Once the tree has been potted into it’s handmade ceramic pot, the tree is individually photographed, measured and detailed; it does not make it onto our website without Lloyd’s approval.

Our beginners kits are put together to gently guide our new bonsai enthusiasts into the world of bonsai. The kits will include a stylish bonsai and the essential products required. These may be trays, scissors, feed, mist and our in-depth care handbook.

A New Hobby

For the people who are new to bonsai but would like to play a part in continue growing and styling the trees, we have created a few incredible kits.
Firstly, we have the Pruning kits. These include a delightful Chinese Elm which needs to be pruned, scissors, feed, step by step guide, handbook and a humidity tray.
Then, we have the Pruning & Wiring kits. These include a stylish Chinese Elm which needs pruning and shaping, scissors, wire cutters, 2 rolls of different sized wire, step by step guide for pruning, a step by step guide for wiring and a humidity tray.
Lastly, we have the Pruning, Wiring & Potting kits. These include a wonderful Chinese Elm which needs pruning, scissors, wire cutters, 2 rolls of different sized wire, root rake/spatula, soil scoop, root pruning shears, chopstick, blue ceramic pot with matching tray, soil, potting mesh, step by step pruning guide, step by step wiring guide, step by step potting guide.

Bonsai make inspired retirement gifts choice for someone you value so much!