With Sympathy Gifts

Beautifully presented bonsai tree gifts to send your deepest sympathy message. Grown with love and carefully packaged these beautiful tasteful trees make an endearing gift and a lasting memorial; a charming way to remember someone cherished. An indoor bonsai is a delightful Sympathy Gift that will be truly appreciated by anyone grieving for a loved one. Something to cherish and nurture. With sympathy gifts are a beautiful way of sending a message, without saying a word when you don’t know what to say.

We offer free next working day delivery to most areas in the UK. Furthermore, you may add your own heart-felt message.

Bonsai are trees with beautiful meanings such as peace & harmony. The gift of a bonsai tree for loved ones will carry on giving for years to come. Moreover, it is a warm and moving way of keeping a lost loved one’s memory alive and creates a tranquil focal point in the home. A symbol of treasured memories.
Bonsai trees make sensitive and environmentally friendly gifts for condolences, bereavement and memorials.

When gifting a bonsai through meaning, you are sending messages. Each variety of bonsai carry different symbolism.
View our Bonsai Meanings page to gift through symbolism.