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For us, there’s nothing quite as poetic as bonsai in the rain.
Here are some fabulous photos of our outdoor bonsai range in the rain.

Japanese Maple – Acer palmatum

Larch – Larix

Japanese Maple – Acer palmatum

Copper Beech – Fagus sylvatica

Japanese Black Pine – Pinus thunburgii

Crabapple – Malus sylvestris

Bonsai in the rain

Chinese Juniper – Juniperus chinensis

Dogwood – Cornus

Bonsai in the rain

Japanese Maple – Acer palmatum

Bonsai in the rain

Japanese Red Maple – Acer palmatum Deshojo

Outdoor bonsai, a captivating fusion of horticulture and art, brings the timeless beauty of nature to your garden. These miniature trees, thrive in the open air, gracing your outdoor space with their charm and elegance.

Outdoor bonsai offers a diverse array of tree species, from classic junipers and pines to deciduous trees like maples and elms. Each tree type brings its unique character and seasonal transformations. They offer a rich tapestry of colours and textures throughout the year.

The appeal of outdoor bonsai lies not only in their aesthetic beauty but also in the sense of tranquility and connection to nature they provide. As you care for these living sculptures, you start a journey of patience, mindfulness, and the appreciation of the ever-changing seasons.

Whether displayed as a centrepiece in your garden or nestled among other flora, outdoor bonsai invites contemplation and wonder, making your outdoor space a haven of natural artistry and serenity.

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  1. they are beautiful pictures it’s amazing what a little rain from God can do

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