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Outdoor Bonsai

Enjoy the Diversity of British Outdoor Bonsai Trees at Bonsai Direct

One of our specialisms at Bonsai Direct is a hardy range of British Bonsai and Native Outdoor Bonsai trees. Our selection features a diverse array of options starting from just £39.99. With FREE delivery to most of the U.K. You can choose your delivery date at the checkout and we offer NEXT working day delivery on most orders.

Special Native Bonsai Trees with Flowers & Fruits

These bonsai trees make splendid additions to gardens or thoughtful gifts. Many of these trees undergo enchanting seasonal changes, such as captivating displays of colours, flowers, or fruits.

Hardy Outdoor Bonsai trees can transform a patio or balcony with vibrant colours and ease of care. They are particularly easy to care for as they are in their natural environment. Outdoor bonsai trees are living works of art that allow you to shape and nurture a miniature representation of a full-sized tree.

A Relaxing and Artistic addition to your garden

Gardening and tending to bonsai plants, can have therapeutic effects. It is relaxing and enjoyable and you can create a beautiful feature. Perfect for small gardens or focal points. Many Outdoor British bonsai trees display the beauty of each season, from spring blossoms to vibrant summer leaves and the dramatic golden colours in autumn.

Absolutely outstanding Twin English Oak outdoor bonsai for sale UK

Below are some examples of the British bonsai varieties which we grow:

English Oak Bonsai

(Quercus robur): An all time favourite British bonsai vareity. Strong and powerful the English Oak is the kind of the British woodlands and forests. This bonsai boasts distinctive lobed leaves with vibrant changing with the seasons, from the fresh green of spring to the warm russet of autumn. The English Oak holds deep symbolism, representing strength, longevity, and wisdom.

Ash Bonsai

(Fraxinus excelsior): A majestic bonsai, the Ash bonsai displays gracefully compound leaves and a rugged, textured bark. A fast growing and fun variety of British bonsai tree.

Beech Bonsai

(Fagus sylvatica): An extremely elegant variety, the Beech bonsai stands tall with its smooth grey bark, its foliage turning from lush green in the warmer months to a golden bronze in autumn months. We also stock purple and copper leaved beech trees.

Hawthorn Bonsai

(Crataegus monogyna): A celebration of nature’s beauty, the Hawthorn bonsai blooms with delicate white blossoms in spring, transforming into clusters of vibrant red berries that invite wildlife and intrigue. Often associated with wisdom and knowledge.

European Larch Bonsai

(Larix decidua): A captivating deciduous conifer, the European Larch bonsai displays soft needles that turn a brilliant golden colour in autumn and the most iridescent lime green in spring. A very popular bonsai which responds extremely well to styling using wiring techniques to create such lovely twisty shapes.

Blackthorn Bonsai

(Prunus spinosa): A more rustic fruiting variety of british bonsai, the Blackthorn bonsai graces early spring with its delicate white flowers, and small, deep purple fruits that increase the visual appeal.

Native Flowering Cherry Bonsai

(Prunus avium): An extremely enjoyable blossoming bonsai. Pretty blossoms in shades of pink and white. Easy to grow and very rewarding.

English Maple Bonsai

(Acer campestre): The hardiest of the maple family with beautifully shaped leaves. Sometimes known as a field maple, the English Maple bonsai has lobed leaves that vary from vibrant green in spring and summer to warm golden shades in autumn. We love it.

Alder Bonsai

(Alnus glutinosa): A unique and less common bonsai with cheerful and fun catkins and light green leaves. The alder tree is often associated with protection and shielding against negative influences

Small-Leaved Lime Bonsai

(Tilia cordata): The Small-Leaved Lime bonsai displays heart-shaped leaves and fragrant blossoms during the warmer months, creating a calm feeling.

Sycamore Bonsai

(Acer pseudoplatanus): A spectacular mature bonsai with large and impressive leaves. The Sycamore bonsai has incredible veined palmate leaves that vary from vibrant green to warm shades of yellow, orange, and red in autumn. Best grown as a larger bonsai so that the leaves are more in proportion with the size of the bonsai.

Aspen Bonsai

(Populus tremula): With its unique fluttering leaves and elegant form, the Aspen bonsai ‘dances’ with the wind. With its silvery colouring this bonsai is graceful and fleeting.

Horse-Chestnut Bonsai

(Aesculus hippocastanum): A grand and mighty bonsai, the Horse-Chestnut bonsai boasts ornate pink or white flowers and wonderful shaped leaves.

Silver Birch Bonsai

(Betula pendula): Adorable fluttering leaves and striated bark, the Silver Birch bonsai enchants with its delicate leaves and striking white bark. A perfect Silver Wedding anniversary gift. Thoughtful and spot on in terms of meaning.

Phenomenal Specimen Sweet Chestnut Outdoor Bonsai for sale

Sweet Chestnut Bonsai

(Castanea sativa): A statement of elegance, the Sweet Chestnut bonsai dominants the bonsai world with its textured leaves and the promise of autumnal fruits.

Sweet Bird Cherry Bonsai

(Prunus padus): An elegant flowering bonsai, the Sweet Bird Cherry bonsai delights with pretty fragrant white flowers. Very easy care and fast growing species.

Hornbeam Bonsai

(Carpinus betulus): An extremely hardy deciduous British bonsai, the Hornbeam bonsai features distinctive serrated leaves. Not dissimilar to the Beech bonsai.

Hazel Bonsai

(Corylus avellana): With its pretty catkins and hazelnuts, the Hazel bonsai is very easy to grow and rebuts easily after pruning.

We offer an exciting range of British Outdoor Bonsai trees at Bonsai Direct. Whether enhancing your garden, patio, decking or balcony or gifting a bonsai for a special occasion, these bonsai varieties will surprise and delight. Hardy British varieties of bonsai are easy to care for and rewarding to grow.

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