Enterprising students from Chulmleigh Community College offer a day’s work for charity.

We would like to thank six girls from year 10 at Chulmleigh College for their hard work today. Olea, Kate, Meg, Calista, Abbie and Emily came up with this fantastic initiative and they represent the school’s values to the highest standards.

They have been helping with various activities including office work, pruning, potting & styling bonsai and have been a very cheerful addition to the Bonsai Direct team.

They are donating all their earnings to the Malala Fund‚ a charity started by Malala Yousafzai, to raise money for women’s education across the world. This is a worthy cause and the girls have embraced the work.

We would like to thank them all and celebrate their £120 donation to the fund.
All the best

Lloyd & Sarah

Chulmleigh Charity day

Bonsai can be a rewarding and educational hobby for children / young adults when approached with patience and a focus on learning and enjoyment. It can also be a great bonding activity between parents and children, fostering a deeper appreciation for nature and creativity.

Keep the focus on the enjoyment of the hobby rather than perfection. Let children explore and make mistakes as they learn. Bonsai is not just about horticulture; it’s also an art form. Encourage children to express their creativity by shaping and styling their bonsai.