Father's Day
Father’s Day Bonsai Gift


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Most of our Father’s Day gifts are indoor and evergreen, making lovely features all year round. We pot our beautiful bonsai into ceramic pots!

We offer gift wrapping in cellophane with a lovely florist bow, we also offer personalised hanging gift tags and balloons. Every order will receive a complimentary gift message.

Next working day delivery is available or you may choose your preferred delivery date at the checkout, making bonsai from Bonsai Direct the perfect gift for any occasion. We deliver 7 days a week, Saturday and Sunday delivery is chargeable and we can deliver before 1pm on weekdays (this is also chargeable).

Care instructions will be provided with every bonsai.

Why gift a bonsai this Father’s Day?

People are becoming more aware about choosing environmentally friendly gifts and presents with little impact and sustainable beauty.
Bonsai are living trees which are natural, artistic and make stunning & unusual gifts for men and women. An unusual present for him or her which is eco-friendly and quite literally green. Many people purchase bonsai as gifts for vegans, animal lovers or someone who appreciates something which is natural and beautiful.

  • Adorable Tree of a thousand stars bonsai with foil balloon - Thank you Dad for everything
    Father’s Day Tree of a Thousand Stars: Symbolic Serissa Bonsai
  • Flowering cherry father's day bonsai gift
    Cherry Blossom Elegance: A Blossoming Father’s Day Bonsai Gift
  • Father's Day Broom-style Tree of Thousand Stars bonsai for sale UK
    Father’s Day Tree of a Thousand Stars: Unique Gift
  • Father's Day Broom-style Aromatic Pepper bonsai for sale UK
    Woodland-Style Aromatic Pepper Bonsai: Unique Father’s Day Gift
    Product on sale
  • Twisty Oriental Tea Tree flowering Indoor bonsai for Father's Day
    Father’s Day Gift – Twisty Flowering S-Shaped Artistic Bonsai
  • Flowering & fruiting indoor bonsai with Thank You Dad for Everything foil balloon
    Father’s Day Myrtle: Fruiting & Flowering Bonsai – Thank you Dad for everything!
  • Twisty & twisty bonsai favourite best dad gift
    Plant Gifts for Dad – Easy for Beginners Twisty Indoor Bonsai Tree Favourite
  • Special Dad Baby Bonsai Gift
    Baby Orchard Style Special Dad Bonsai Gift
  • Father's Day Bonsai Starter Kit - Best Buy
    Outstanding Father’s Day Bonsai Gift – Perfect Flowering Bonsai Starter Kit
    Product on sale
  • Delightful Father's Day Bonsai Tree Gift - Best Dad
    Father’s Day Fruiting Woodland Style Beginners Indoor Bonsai
  • Stunning Father's Day Indoor Bonsai with Beautiful Balloon
    Fathers Day Plant | Father’s Day Beginners Bonsai – Indoor Favourite
  • Best Dad Bonsai Tree Gift
    Larger Special Dad Bonsai Gift