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Bonsai care and advice

Bonsai Tree Care & Advice

Do you need help and advice on looking after your bonsai tree?
We are in the process of building a whole section on our website. Here, you should find all aspects of bonsai care and advice.

Bonsai Care and advice page

All topics of bonsai care including watering bonsai, feeding bonsai and pruning bonsai are covered.

We also discuss the attributes of different varieties if indoor bonsai trees.
We hope this will help you choose the perfect bonsai!

Indoor Bonsai Trees

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An eco-friendly bonsai tree from a small, independent UK business who are conscious about their sustainability and are helping to fight the fight for clean air.

If you are unsure about which bonsai tree is best for you, for your gift, or you have any other queries, please contact us and one of our friendly team will get back to you.

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2 replies

  1. Hello, I’ve bought indoor Chinese elm recently and it looked great until now , soil became mouldy, covered in sort of spider web alike whitish mould and leafs getting yellow and drops massively. I keep it in bathroom next to window
    I water it once a week and soil looks rather dry

    1. Dear Danas,
      It is not uncommon for a Chinese Elm to drop its old leaves (not the new growing tips) in the first 3 weeks, whilst the bonsai re-acclimatises.
      However, I am wondering if you have a watering issue.
      Please could you e-mail me a photo to [email protected]
      thanks Sarah

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