Japanese bonsai pot

Bonsai pot – We now have an excellent range of bonsai pots! These pots come with a matching humidity tray, making them perfect for indoor bonsai. They can also be used for outdoor trees. The colours this range are vibrant and striking, they beautifully enhance the foliage/fruits/flowers on the bonsai. Please take a look at our Bonsai Pots section. The bonsai pots are top quality pots from Japan.

This range of pots come in a variety of sizes from 17.5cm to 32cm. The drip trays are appropriately sized for the pot to sit on and catch the water that drips through the pots drainage holes. The bonsai pot is a very important part of the overall composition, the colour and/or shape of a pot can really alter the look of the bonsai.

With this range of pots, we have included free potting mesh, wire, soil bags (the amount depends on the pot size) and a potting guide. You have everything you need to give your bonsai a new look!

If you are unsure whether your bonsai needs repotting or not, please send us an email with a few photos. We would be happy to advise! Most bonsai do not need repotting until 1-5 years after delivery.