Brand new 2020 care instructions for the Aromatic Pepper tree bonsai – how to keep your new indoor bonsai healthy and flourishing

Pepper tree bonsai

Our Sweet Aromatic Pepper Tree Bonsai (Zanthoxylum Bonsai) has a fresh, zesty fragrance and bright green glossy foliage. The tree has small clusters of tiny white flowers and the bark is fissured. As a result, this adds character and age to this very elegant and exciting bonsai.

Small green and lush leaves, gives a really full effect to the foliage. As a result, the canopy appears really full and just like a fully grown tree.

Great for beginners. A free care guide is included with all bonsai trees. The exciting pepper tree symbolises purification, healing and protection. What an inspired gift idea.


Watering is a lovely and essential part of bonsai tree care. It is a simple, yet vital part of growing bonsai and only takes a few seconds. We recommend whilst you are learning to check the soil daily. If the soil is wet or very damp, please do not water your bonsai. When the soil starts to firm and feels barely damp to the touch, water well by either standing the bonsai in water for a few minutes or by pouring water over the soil surface to re-wet the root ball evenly.


Misting the leaves of your Pepper bonsai is not essential, but does enhance the growth during winter months in particular. In the winter, when the central heating is on, the air can get very dry and misting will simply replace some of the lost humidity and encourage new foliage growth.


Feeding bonsai trees is good practice. The bonsai rely on us to provide the nutrients and trace elements they need. A well balanced bonsai feed, such as Bonsai Direct Fertiliser, will maintain healthy and beautiful trees and promote growth, fruiting and flowering.