Bonsai Blog by Calista White

My first bonsai was a beautiful Ligustrum from Bonsai Direct.

The bonsai I was given has an elegant ‘s-shaped’ trunk and the leaves are a stunning dark-green. It was within a blue pot, and the overall appearance of the tree was absolutely magnificent.

My Ligustrum was given to me as a birthday gift, and I was glad to hear that it was good for beginners as it was easy to care for. At first, I was worried because I had no idea how to look after a bonsai! Fortunately, it came with a care handbook, which explained all that I need to know to keep my little tree alive and well.

I was surprised by how easily I could keep my tree in-shape and healthy. Even for those who have not had much luck with plants in the past, I would still recommend bonsais as the amount of skill needed is remarkably low. This makes them a perfect gift, even for someone that has never even heard of a bonsai before!

I was, in fact, so charmed by my first bonsai that I couldn’t help but buy myself another. This one was a baby elm: smaller than my Ligustrum but lovely in its own right. Its short trunk stands straight and branches outwards from the top. It is, I must say, rather adorable.