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The very best in cute appeal – a wonderful collection of baby bonsai trees suitable for indoors. These little trees are taken from our Premium Range and are individually photographed with matching ceramic drip trays.

We have chosen Chinese Sweet Plum (Sageretia theezans) bonsai for this collection; they are particularly pretty indoor bonsai trees suitable for beginners. They have lovely reddish tips to the new foliage and small purple fruits as they mature. The leaf size is perfectly proportioned for growing as baby bonsai and the bark has a fabulous flakey aged appearance. With free delivery, these bonsai are excellent value and would make exceptional gifts.

Small bonsai are known as Shohin in Japanese. Shohin means ‘small, miniature or tiny things’ and these bonsai are very popular in the Japanese culture. In general ‘Shohin Bonsai‘ are up to 25cm in height and would sit on your hand comfortably.
Below we offer a collection of very cute Shohin bonsai trees for sale, we hope you love them.