Outdoor bonsai are a wonderful way to add some colour to your outdoor space. Whether you have a tiled balcony in a block of flats that needs some greenery or acres of land you’d like to brighten up, we have an ever growing range of outdoor trees. Outdoor bonsai are mostly deciduous therefore they will enter a dormancy period during winter where they will drop all of their leaves.

Japanese Maple

The Japanese Maple or Acer Palmatum is one of our most popular outdoor species. We tend to have a few different variations of these trees with gorgeous colours and distinct leaf shape. These trees are ever changing through the seasons. With the Maples, we will see a range of colours from green, golds and oranges to fiery reds! Acers are easy bonsai to care for and are an excellent choice when adding a touch of nature to your garden.

Japanese Cherry Blossom

The Japanese Cherry Blossom or Prunus Incisa Kojo-No-Mai is another extremely sought after tree. We have always got a waitlist for these bonsai! Due to their late winter/early spring bloom, we usually sell the trees that are ready that year from January – March (they’re out of stock by that time). These captivating bonsai have zigzag shaped branches which display pale pink/white flowers which blossom from crimson buds, their foliage turns to striking orange, gold and red colours during autumn.
Kojo No Mai actually means “flight of the butterfly ” which is very fitting as the flowers look like butterflies in the wind when they drop.

Japanese Mountain Pine

The Mountain Pine or Pinus Mugo is native to Europe, where it is typically found growing in the mountains. These bonsai are full of character through there interesting trunks, they are very powerful trees which are actually associated with masculinity. The “candles” of growth form fresh green needles. In many cultures, the Pine is viewed as honourable, strong and wise.

Chinese Juniper

The Juniper or Juniperus Chineseus are native to Europe, Asia and North America and are popular due to being easy to care for. These trees have needle-like foliage which is usually dark green but they tend to display a steel blue colour too. Junipers are steady growing trees and have a natural downward growth habit.

European Larch

The European Larch or Larix are part of the tall coniferous family; this variety is deciduous unlike most coniferous trees. They have quickly thickening trunks which display beautiful texture! The canopy consists of fresh needles which are a stunning yellow colour during autumn. This variety is extremely hardy through winter and exhibits lovely budding in spring.

We have many more varieties which we can talk about in another post. You can find them here ranging from £29.99 to over £10,000.