Outdoor bonsai trees for sale ….. Watch this space.

If you have ever wondered why our outdoor bonsai stock varies so greatly at different times of year, please let me explain.
Firstly, our range and diversity of outdoor hardy trees is vast and includes both deciduous and evergreen species. From late autumn to early spring i.e. throughout winter months, many of these bonsai are dormant and will have dropped their leaves. From experience we have found that people prefer bonsai to be photographed in leaf, so this narrows our window of being able to photograph these lovely beauties significantly.
The potting season for indoor trees is vast whereas outdoor bonsai need to be potted when out of leaf but not during the harshest part of winter. This essentially means that we pot through February and March.
Now for the exciting months… New buds and leaves start to develop from April. So, by May we can start adding all our beautiful outdoor bonsai range onto our website. We love this time of year. You will consequently notice that through late spring and early summer our outdoor bonsai range increases tenfold.
Please be patient… Spring is around the corner and we shall be adding hundreds of new bonsai trees to this outstanding range. In the meantime, please clear your gardens and prepare your patios for some summer splendour!
Our new stock of beautiful coloured maples, larch and more will be on our website soon.

Looking for something extra special? Check out our specimen range.