How to continue to care for a dried out bonsai.

Enquiry from Angela:

Hi Sarah, I got your details from a forum on bonsai. I have a chinese elm ( I think ) which has become dry. I have scraped the bark and it is green underneath, the leaves are very dry and falling off. Can you give me any tips on how to save it ( if it can be saved )

Thanks in advance


Bonsai Direct reply:

Hi Angela,Dry Chinese Elm

Thanks for the photos. Your Chinese Elm bonsai will drop all the leaves – it will look worse before it gets better.
All you can do it stand the whole pot in water for 5 minutes to re-wet the whole root ball. Then only water when the soil is barely damp – the temptation is to keep soaking the soil but this makes it worse.

If you have a mister please spray the branches daily in addition to watering. This helps keep the humidity up. You could put it outside in a semi-shady position.

It will take at least 6 weeks to see new shoots, I hope this helps

Kind regards Sarah

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