Our Black Friday Event for 2021 runs from Monday 15th November until Tuesday 30th November, following Cyber Monday.

Black Friday Bonsai Bargains!
Stunning bonsai trees for sale at absolutely bargain prices.
You may choose your delivery date at the checkout and FREE delivery is available to most of the UK.

A bonsai is a miniature tree grown in a pot through careful growing and pruning techniques. It is an ancient art form originating in China and later developed in Japan. Bonsai involves shaping and training the tree’s branches, leaves, and roots to create a visually appealing, natural-looking, and harmonious miniature representation of a full-sized tree. The art of bonsai reflects principles of balance, harmony, and respect for nature, and it requires dedicated care and attention to maintain the health and beauty of the miniature tree over time. Admired for their artistic and meditative qualities, bonsai are enjoyed indoors and outdoors, depending on the variety.

Bonsai symbolise strength, resilience, and harmony with nature. They can represent a long-lasting bond and a wish for growth and prosperity. Each bonsai variety has their own individual symbolisation. Bonsai can make an excellent and thoughtful gift for the right person.

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