Wiring bonsai trees may seem daunting but hopefully this guide gives you valuable information.

We received a great e-mail from a lady who wanted to buy her husband an anniversary gift. She had seen our bonsai wiring kits and wanted to know why we wire bonsai.
Wiring is a technique used to help create and refine the main trunk and branch structure. With the help of wiring techniques you can give your bonsai more character and artistic appeal. Varieties such as Maples and Acers are unsuitable when it comes to wiring. This is because their bark is so delicate. Wiring is used in association with pruning techniques.

In the guide below bonsai master Lloyd Noall (from Bonsai Direct) demonstrates some basic wiring techniques.
Lloyd has also produced an informative video to show you how to wire a bonsai tree. We hope that you find this interesting.

How do i wire a bonsai tree to give it more shape?
After just 2 weeks of wiring the bonsai has much better styling

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