Studies have found that caring for indoor plants can reduce stress and anxiety level. They boost your mood and promoting the release of serotonin. Having plants in the office remind us of nature; things move at a slower and more relaxed pace, encouraging those calming feelings. Watering and caring for plants (pruning, shaping & repotting), allows us to take an office break and reconnect.

House plants have been found to promote cognitive function. Research shows that having a plant on your desk whilst your work improves productivity, problem solving skills and memory retention. Studies suggests that those with plants in their work space take fewer sick days; what better reason to have a little bonsai with you whilst your work?

Bonsai are effective in carbon absorption (which is responsible for climate change); they are aiding in the fight for Clean Air. Thus, creating a cleaner environment. The Aromatic Pepper bonsai releases a lovely zesty fragrance when pruned making your home smell fresh and floral- a little mood booster if you will!

Ultimately what caring for a bonsai helps you do, is to slow down. You slow down by taking time to appreciate the leaves, the structure, the art of your little tree. You will enjoy watching it grow!

Our top tip…
On Friday, before you go home, make sure you give your new friend plenty of water, especially in the warmer summer months. Alternatively, why not take it home with you for the weekend for your family to enjoy too!

Looking for something specific for your office?

If you are looking for an easy to care for bonsai for your office, here’s what we would recommend;
Chinese Elm – they are extremely hardy, great if your desk isn’t in the warmest or brightest location.
Miniature Jade – they require the least amount of watering, no worries on a Sunday morning that your poor little tree has not had a drink since Thursday (also the most effective in carbon absorption).
Aromatic Pepper – this variety release a zesty fragrance when pruned.