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A great collection of outdoor bonsai seedlings in ceramic bonsai pot

  • Elegant informal upright Beech Starter Bonsai - (Fagus sylvatica) - The beech has beautiful waxy veined leaves displaying fabulous spring and autumn colour. In the spring the leaves appear to have an artificial lime green iridescence and during autumn the leaves turn yellow at first, then orange and brown. To me the beech signifies the changing British seasons. The bark of the beech is smooth and grey and the leaves are often retained well into the winter, finally released as the new buds swell in the spring. Shape by pruning. Very hardy

  • Ash (Fraxinus excelsior) - The ash tree is very common in the English countryside. It is not, however, common in the bonsai world. The ash makes a powerful, yet graceful bonsai; it grows fairly fast and can be pruned hard. It is a hardy tree and easy to care for, making it a wonderful native bonsai.

  • Bonsai Care Handbook

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