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Lloyd Noall has been growing bonsai for over 25 years and is considered to be one of the top bonsai masters. Now, inBonsai DVD Part 2 Tabthis series of chapters, Lloyd shares his passion, knowledge and expertise with you. In Volume 1, Lloyd teaches the basic principles and techniques for those new to the art of bonsai, but also includes much additional information to inspire and inform anyone already embarked on the bonsai journey. The format of the chapters mirrors Lloyd's careful and meticulous style of teaching.


Chapter 1 - An Introduction to Bonsai


Chapter 2 - Things that make a fantastic bonsai



Chapter 3 - Starting out in bonsai



Chaper 4 - Choosing your first bonsai tree.



Chapter 5 - Watering and Positioning your bonsai.



Chapter 6 - Principles of Pruning your Bonsai Tree 



Chapter 7 - Basic Bonsai Pruning



Chapter 8 - Pruning & Styling Continued - Part 1



Chapter 8 - Pruning & Styling Continued - Part 2



   Bonsai DVD Part 2 Tab

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