Gnarly Powerful Beginners Highly Refined Ligustrum Indoor Bonsai


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A fabulous artistic bonsai with wonderful shape and highly defined branch structure.
Easy to care for and perfect for beginners. Strong roots lead up towards the powerful trunk with exquisite artistic appeal.
Gnarly trunk with great character and lush green leaves. Fature scars on the trunk give age and charcater to this amazing indoor bonsai, which is related to the olive, but grows much better as an indoor variety.
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Product Description

A stunning indoor bonsai variety with loads of character and beautiful styling. A powerful trunk flow with highly defined branch structure, potted into a stylish red oval ceramic bonsai pot with matching drip tray.


* Height (cm): 36
* Pot size (cm): 21 x 17
* Pot details: Mottled red oval shaped bonsai pot 
* Trunk diameter (cm): 3
* Approximate age (years): 15
* matching ceramic humidity tray 

Bonsai Variety

The Ligustrum sinense is a stunning indoor bonsai variety with a highly refined shape and full lush canopy. It is a fast growing and vigorous bonsai tree which is extremely easy to care for and has a very strong structure. Great for beginners with an extremely Oriental inspired shape.


Bonsai Care


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