Bonsai Care Kit with Re-Potting DVD

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Bonsai Care Kit which includes our repotting DVD, covering both indoor and outdoor bonsai trees.
A bottle of bonsai tree fertiliser (suitable for one bonsai for approximately 1 year)
Ready to use Bonsai Mist invigorator sprayer to help prevent pest & disease
Bonsai Pruning scissors.
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This bundle includes:

Large Bonsai Mist - 300ml

In stock

Small Bonsai Feed - 100ml

In stock

Small Pruning Scissors

In stock

Bonsai Re-potting DVD by Lloyd Noall from Bonsai Direct

In stock


This pack of bonsai care products includes

* Bonsai DVD – information on repotting your bonsai.

* Liquid bonsai Fertiliser – suitable for use on all bonsai varieties.

* Bonsai Mist Invigorator trigger spray – used to prevent or treat insect attack or disease. Also acts as a plant stimulant and gives shiny, glossy appearance.

* Small Bonsai pruning scissors


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