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Chinese Elm Bonsai | Slender and Highly Defined Trunk Style

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Admire the simplicity and refinement of this Chinese Elm bonsai.

Experience the simple beauty of our 12-year-old bonsai Chinese Elm (Ulmus parvifolia), a true work of art cultivated and styled in our nursery for 12 years. Its textured trunk displays character, while the informal upright trunk allows you to truly appreciate the branch placement. The branches are fantastically placed through the trunk, these branches support extremely well defined foliage pads. The little rich green leaves create a lush canopy. This bonsai oozes elegance through the refined structure of the design. The exceptional root exposure at the base creates a harmonious link between the tree and the pot.

Ideal for beginners, the Chinese Elm features lush green foliage and refined structure. Potted in a metallic green ceramic pot with a matching drip tray, it offers both beauty and practicality. This bonsai symbolises intuition, inner strength, love, and wisdom, making it an eco-friendly gift suitable for anyone.

Highly recommended for its beauty, ease of care, and symbolism, this bonsai brings a touch of tranquillity to any setting.

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