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Chunky & Powerful Twisty Chinese Elm Bonsai with beautiful root flare

Product Code: PE1b

Powerful and Chunky Christmas Chinese Elm (Ulmus Parvifolia) Indoor Bonsai Tree with Twisty Trunk Shape and Stately Presence – Perfect Tree for Beginners. This bonsai has considerable presence and character and would be the perfect bonsai for someone to grow on a develop. If you are looking for an excellent trunk structure but wish to grow and develop branches this bonsai is ideal. The Father Christmas figure is the perfect accompaniment for this beautiful festive gift.

This is the exact bonsai which you will receive!
A character bonsai with superb trunk and root flare. The branches are not yet fully formed and will be fun to grow and develop to make this a truly inspirational indoor bonsai.
The base of the trunk is approximately 5cm in diameter with strong roots ‘clutching’ the soil.
This bonsai has a textured twisty trunk with accentuated curves and incredible exposed roots.
Comes in a navy blue pot which compliments the colouring of the foliage. Also comes with a matching ceramic drip tray.
The Ulmus Parvifolia bonsai signifies inner strength, intuition, wisdom & love; it would make a lovely gift for a loved one.
It is easy to care for so makes a great beginners bonsai.

I really like the presence of this bonsai, its trunk is chunkier than your typical Elm which makes it more of a statement tree. The thicker trunk is a great support for the branches which are placed brilliantly and the exposed roots at the base add a wonderful finishing touch. In time the branches will thicken and develop this into a spectacular bonsai. The ideal bonsai for someone who wants to add to its development. The branches are well positioned and very highly refined with neat compact habit.

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