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Elegant Evergreen Flowering Oriental Myrtle/Roseapple – Symbolises Joy, Love & Good Fortune (Copy)

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Elegant Flowering Oriental Myrtle Bonsai Tree with Full Ivory Flowers with Pretty Stamens. Beautiful Proportions. Represent joyful living, love and good fortune.

This is the bonsai you will receive! 

This is a beautiful Oriental Myrtle Bonsai Tree which has lovely proportions and artistic styling.
This bonsai has gorgeous glossy green leaves and a fabulous twisty trunk with clean lines.
During the summer months, the bonsai displays incredible cream flower.
Comes potted in a teal oval ceramic pot with matching drip tray.
This tree symbolises love, good fortune, long life and joyful living.
This sensational bonsai makes a perfect, living ornament.

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The Roseapple bonsai has been a symbol of love, hence has become an emblem for marriage. It is also believed to be the flower of the gods, being sacred to the Greek goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of love. … It also symbolizes good fortune. It is believed that cultivating a Roseapple plant will usher in peace and love to your home. This plant is also considered a representation for long life, as well as joyful living. It is very elegant bonsai tree that many people love to grow in their homes.

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