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Elegant Oriental Tea Tree Bonsai with a Superb Twisty Trunk with upper shari- Excellence Range

Product Code: PC485*

A Wonderful, Flowering Oriental Tea Tree Bonsai with a Beautiful Canopy and a Superbly Textured Trunk. An excellence range indoor bonsai with fabulous artistic design. I love the upper Shari. Gives a ‘Lightning strike’ appearance to the top of the tree. Included is a lovely ‘Jack & Jill’ seat – one can imagine sitting in the shade beneath the boughs in summer months.

This is the bonsai you will receive!
A striking example of an Oriental Tea Tree (Carmona microphylla) bonsai in a beautiful pot that really enhances the vibrancy of the elegant white summer flowers.
Its features include a stunning, flowing s-shaped trunk, which is wrapped with brilliant silver bark.
Comes in a classically styled, shiny copper ceramic pot, which brings out the vivid green of the leaves, and the white of the flowers. Also comes with a matching ceramic drip tray.
The stunning texture of the trunk comes as a result of the tree’s age, adding real character to the tree.

A mature tree with accentuated curves and elegant appearance.
Well balanced bonsai from our premium indoor bonsai range of trees.
A wonderful symbol of love and devotion – the Oriental Tea tree symbolises courage & heart.
Its beauty and elegance make it perfect for any room or office space.

Comes with care instructions.

What is a shari ?
shari is deadwood on the main trunk of the bonsai and adds great aesthetic character. The natural causes of shari include a falling branch that has ripped bark from the trunk below it, lightning damage, or trunk damage from another external source. Shari may occur naturally on a bonsai, or may be created by carving the bark.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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