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Enchanted Edible Fruiting Fig (Ficus carica) Bonsai

Product Code: OD952


A very pretty twisty S-Shaped design edible fig bonsai for sale in striking rich royal blue ceramic pot. An extremely rewarding bonsai with lovely green fruits which ripen in early autumn to a rich purple. Sometimes known as the ‘Brown Turkey’ fig tree. The leaves of the fig are also edible.

The Fig tree is one of the oldest known trees. The symbolism of the fig tree has many references. In general, the fig tree is seen as a symbol of abundance, and prosperity. It is also often seen as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

Ficus Carica can be grown as  one of the most beautiful architectural bonsai. Their succulent fruit and distinctive form thrives in the garden. They’re reasonably hardy when placed in a sheltered position. In northern areas and colder climates, they may require winter protection. Figs originate from warm, Mediterranean climates and displays insignificant flowers that are followed by edible fruits that ripen to shades of green and purple.

We love the beautifully lobbed leaves. A true character bonsai with fantastic twisty trunk and glossy blue pot. Supplied with care handbook.

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