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Evergreen Miniature Leaved Shohin Olive Bonsai – Small & beautiful

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A very appealing miniature olive bonsai which symbolises peace & harmony. Ideal for a cool room. Stunning proportions. A lovely shohin bonsai for sheltered garden or cool room.

This delightful, informal upright evergreen Olive tree which has pretty white flowers during summer months and well proportioned silvery green leaves throughout the year.
An evergreen hardy bonsai renowned for beautiful olive fruits. A sensational styled bonsai with amazing shape for such a small bonsai. Definitely has the cute factor.
Small bonsai are known as Shohin in Japanese. Shohin means ‘small, miniature or tiny things’ and these bonsai are very popular in the Japanese culture. In general ‘Shohin Bonsai‘ would sit on your hand comfortably.
It has stunning, lush green foliage and well-positioned branches with a delightful winding main trunk flow.
The shiny blue ceramic pot gives the bonsai a very striking appearance.
An evergreen variety which grows throughout the Mediterranean region, much of Africa, in North and South America and as Far East as China. They belong to the same family as the Lilac, Jasmine and Ash Tree.
The olive is one of the most beloved and sacred trees which symbolises peace and friendship.
The olive branch is usually a symbol of peace, harmony and hope. The dove and olive branch is used as a symbol of peace, further to the Christian belief of the story of Noah and the Flood (with a passage that describes a dove returning to the ark with an olive leaf, a sign of life after the floods).
Supplied with our bonsai tree care handbook. An easy bonsai to care for making it ideal for beginners.
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Olive Bonsai (Olea europaea)

The olive makes a superb bonsai which can be grown either indoors or outdoors during warmer months. A fabulous evergreen variety which sports beautiful silvery green smooth-edged leaves. A Mediterranean tree with strong symbolic significance and renowned for being able to survive in dry conditions with poor soil and little nutrition.
A great variety for beginners due to its ease of care. The flowers are particularly spectacular and are followed by fruits on more mature specimens. Please protect olive bonsai from hard frosts during winter months. They prefer a bright position and the soil should be kept damp and not too wet. We feed our olive bonsai weekly for extra vigour and blooming.

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