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Excellence Range Flowering & Fruiting Roseapple Bonsai with Extremely Twisty Trunk

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An impressive Roseapple Myrtle (Syzygium Buxifolium) fruiting and flowering bonsai which displays phenomenal trunk shaping – Excellence Range! A striking bonsai tree with beautiful seasonal changes from cream semi-double blooms to cherry like fruits and red blush leaves. The trunk design is  strong, powerful and commanding with beautiful root exposure (nabari) and well positioned branches supporting a mass of dainty miniature leaves.

This is the exact bonsai which you will receive!
This absolutely outstanding Oriental Myrtle or Roseapple indoor bonsai tree has incredible features throughout the trunk leading into the incredible root exposure.
The rich, deep green leaves will grow blush-red tips and cream flowers during summer months.
This bonsai has an extremely curvaceous trunk shape with clean lines, red-toned bark and exceptional branch placement; the textured bark adds character.
Each branch displays a neatly shaped foliage pad that will be fun to continue pruning and shaping as it grows.
Cherry like fruits follow the flowers in Autumn.
Comes potted in a beautiful neutral apple green ceramic pot with matching drip tray included.
This delightful bonsai makes a perfect living ornament in the home or office.

Personal comment:
My favourite attribute of this Myrtle bonsai is the exquisite trunk shaping – a wonderful S-Shape with strong structure. Additionally, I love the different variations of green throughout the foliage which will enhance the cherry like fruits through Autumn and cream flowers through Summer. Reddish bark and strong exposed root design add to the grandeur of this incredible bonsai; easy care makes it highly suitable for beginners. Stylish, artistic and beautiful – a wondrous bonsai in every way!

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