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Fruiting & Flowering – Stylish Pair of Bonsai Trees – Perfect for Valentine’s Day with ‘Love’ Pot Plants

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Twin Bonsai trees for Sale | A fruiting and flowering bonsai duo, featuring the flourishing Chinese Sweet Plum and the rich Roseapple Bonsai; both trees have been beautifully styled and are excellently balanced.

These are the bonsai trees you will receive!
Two beginners baby bonsai trees for sale in matching ceramic deep red rectangular pots with drip trays.

  • One Roseapple bonsai (Syzygium buxifolium) which has an orchard-style, multi stemmed trunk with some amazing features and a captivating foliage canopy.
    During summer months this tree will grow gorgeous white flowers, followed by small cherry-like fruits, and the tips of the tree will turn a beautiful tan/red colour.
  • One Chinese Sweet Plum (Sageretia theezans) bonsai with a strong woodland-style trunk with creamy textured bark and gnarly features; the foliage canopy is lush and fresh.
    Small purple plum like fruits as the bonsai matures.

Ideal as a wedding gift or anniversary present; two bonsai in harmony together.
Both bonsai are lovely varieties and are easy to care for. Supplied with full care instructions.

These trees are perfect for beginners, with a wonderful display of cream flowers and delightful fruits.

The Sweet Plum bonsai symbolizes protection, creativity, new life, and warm wishes. With its lush foliage and serene presence, it embodies the essence of safety, innovation, and the promise of new beginnings. This bonsai cultivates an atmosphere of creativity and growth, offering a beacon of hope and positivity.

On the other hand, the Roseapple Myrtle bonsai carries the symbolic weight of love, good fortune, long life, and joyful living. Its graceful form and vibrant blooms evoke feelings of affection, luck, and longevity. This bonsai serves as a reminder to cherish love, embrace good fortune, and savor the moments of happiness and contentment in life. Together, these bonsai trees create a harmonious blend of meaningful symbolism and natural beauty, enriching any space with their profound presence.

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