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Golden Chinese Juniper (Juniperus chinensis) Evergreen Bonsai with Captivating Design

Product Code: OD916#


Outstanding Juniper bonsai with sensational sweeping structure; perfect for wiring and styling techniques, potted into a pretty ivory ceramic pot. Small purple berries as the bonsai matures. A true favourite in the bonsai world and great for learning techniques and for beginners. Extreme sweeping curves and the most fabulous overall appearance.

With lovely peeling and flaky reddish bark, this bonsai has lovely branch structure and is perfect for wiring and styling.
Potted into a lovely a tasteful cream oval ceramic pot, this bonsai has matured beautifully with lovely soft foliage. Free delivery to most areas.

@bonsaidirect_trees Search “OD916” to find this exceptional Juniper #bonsai #bonsaidirect #bonsaitree #juniper #familybusiness ♬ Sky Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

An all time bonsai favourite with outstanding proportions. An ideal bonsai for beginners due to its ease care and fun to grow on.

I love the lower sweeping branches on this gorgeous evergreen bonsai tree. They are styled on a beautiful parkland tree in the grounds of a stately home. There is beautiful movement in the trunk. A highly recommended and easy care species which is most popular in the world of bonsai. 

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