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Gorgeous 12-Year-Old Ficus Bonsai: A Banyan Beauty for Indoors

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12-Year Ficus Retusa Bonsai: A Powerful Character Banyan bonsai with a broom-style trunk, lush green leaves, and silver bark striations. Symbolises health, fertility, and love. Perfect for beginners and unique gifts. Oozes Artistic Flair & Beauty.

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Allow us to introduce the Ficus retusa indoor bonsai, a distinguished member of the fig family, commonly known as the Banyan tree. This living masterpiece, also referred to as a fig bonsai or bonsai Ficus retusa, showcases twelve years of meticulous growth and styling.

Its strong, powerful and commanding broom-style trunk, adorned with textured bark, tells the tale of time’s passage. Silver striations gracefully traverse the bark, elevating its visual appeal. The canopy, filled with lush, verdant leaves, boasts an aura of tranquillity. Expertly positioned branches display an abundance of captivating features upon this artful creation.

Potted in a soft cream ceramic bonsai pot, complemented by a matching tray, this Ficus retusa offers more than just aesthetic charm. It radiates symbolism, representing attributes like health, fertility, and love, making it an ideal choice for beginners, cherished gifts, and unique celebrations. Elevate your experience by adding personalised touches as you embrace the elegance and meaning embodied by this exceptional bonsai.

Particularly easy to care for and ideal for complete beginners. This very special bonsai tree has an exemplary stature – small and supremely pretty. It is not fussy about positioning and not susceptible to pest and disease making it a highly regarded species for indoors.

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