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Majestic Flowering Tree of a Thousand Stars Indoor Bonsai with Superb S-Shaped Trunk & Small White Flowers in Summer

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Spectacular Flowering Tree of a Thousand Stars Bonsai with Dainty Green Leaves and Small White Flowers in Summer Months. Potted into a delightful olive green Ceramic Pot with Matching Drip Tray. This bonsai has the most incredible exposed root design – truly creative.

This is the bonsai which you will receive!
An incredible indoor Serissa bonsai ‘Tree of a thousand stars’ or ‘Snowrose’  with highly artistic style!
This is a sensational bonsai with immense character and amazing winding trunk flow with wonderful movement in the design.
The trunk has a stunning s-shape, lovely trunk flow, beautiful creamy textured bark and incredible exposed roots.
This magnificent bonsai has fabulous foliage shape, with dainty leaves and delicate white flowers.
Comes in a fiery pretty olive green pot with a matching drip tray, which compliments the dainty green leaves wonderfully.
The Tree of a Thousand Stars or Snowrose signifies good luck, well being and hope.
A favourite indoor beginners bonsai tree due to its beautiful properties and symbolisation. Perfect as a gift.

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Personal comment:
This is a beautiful example of an informal upright flowering indoor Tree of a Thousand Stars (Serissa foetida) bonsai with its pretty star shaped summer white blooms. It has a very distinctive and unique structure. Beautifully exposed root flare and gently winding impressive trunk structure supporting a wondrous canopy of miniature leaves. Clean lines and an open structure give this bonsai a very neat habit with great attention to detail. Highly recommended.

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