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Majestic Mature Hardy Evergreen Japanese Mountain Pine Bonsai – Informal Upright

Product Code: OD937


A Commanding and Stately Japanese Pine Bonsai Tree potted into a beautiful engraved oval ceramic pot. This bonsai has a captivating structure with spreading lower branch. A strong design with wondrous artistic appeal. The strength in the trunk is impressive and leads from an excellent nebari – root flare.

This is the bonsai you will receive!
This is a lovely forest green mountain pine (Pinus mugo) which makes a beautiful hardy evergreen bonsai with pretty emerald coloured needles.
Potted into a lovely engraved oval ceramic pot which highlights the pretty needle colour.
The branch structure is strong and well formed with a lovely branching habit.
The branches are very evenly positioned forming a truly classic pine shape and wonderful neat canopy of needles, small ‘candles’ of growth form new needles.
It displays a beautiful neat habit and would be fun to enhance by styling, wiring & pruning.
The trunk is very powerful, yet elegant and shapely with good taper and great character.
This is a very easy variety of pine to grow; it is not fussy about location and is suitable for most environments including coastal areas. It prefers to be kept slightly dry and like most pines does not like to be over-watered.

Traditionally in many cultures the pine tree is viewed as an honourable, strong, and wise being.
The pine is also associated with masculinity and power.  A tree that gives as much love and nurture to us as we’ve given to it.
Comes with the bonsai direct care handbook.

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