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Orange Bonsai Tree | 10 years Citrus kinzu / Chinese Mandarin | Sleek Black Pot

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Orange Bonsai Tree | 10 years Citrus kinzu / Chinese Mandarin in stylish Sleek Black Oval Pot

The Citrus kinzu bonsai tree is a delightful addition to any bonsai collection, boasting a captivating twisty s-shaped trunk. With a 10-year growth history, this Mediterranean bonsai thrives best when placed outside during the spring, summer, and autumn. The sunshine and occasional exposure to cold temperatures are essential for the tree to produce its distinctive fruits. The fruiting period is long and beautiful. Supplied in glossy black oval pot with matching drip tray. The white spring flowers and orange fruits are highlighted beautifully by the glaze.

This bonsai variety is known for its fragrant flowering in spring, filling the air with a delightful aroma. The aromatic blossoms contribute to the overall appeal of the tree during the warmer months. As winter approaches, from November to February, the Citrus kinzu bonsai showcases its beauty with a display of strong, colourful fruits, adding a touch of vibrancy to the winter landscape.

In terms of location, the Chinese Orange tree bonsai adapts well to various climates but thrives in a sunny environment throughout the year. During the scorching summer months, it benefits from some protection against the intense midday sun. While the bonsai displays resilience to frost, it is advisable to shield it from temperatures below 0ºC. Providing the right conditions ensures that this bonsai tree remains a captivating and fragrant addition to your outdoor bonsai garden. Also highly recommended for an unheated conservatory or a cool bright room.

Orange trees symbolise prosperity and happiness.

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