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Christmas Pepper Tree Bonsai – Pretty Design and Delightful Fragrance

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Embark on a journey of beauty, symbolism, and elegance with the enchanting 13-year-old Aromatic Pepper Bonsai. A stylish Christmas Gift Idea for Beginners with Sensational Fresh Zesty Fragrance. Supplied with wooden hanging ‘Merry Christmas’ tag!

This is the exact bonsai which you will receive!

Uncover the deep symbolism and alluring traits of the Zanthoxylum piperitum indoor bonsai, also known as the Aromatic Pepper. This 13-year journey is vividly told through its textured bark and an abundance of features.

Enjoy the invigorating fragrance that envelopes you while caring for this bonsai. Its gracefully twisting trunk, adorned with charming curves, seamlessly guides the eye from canopy to pot. The lush, green canopy oozes a welcoming aura, thanks to well-balanced branch placement.

Potted in a cheerful blue ceramic bonsai pot, accompanied by a matching drip tray, the Aromatic Pepper tree bonsai offers more than visual charm. It delivers messages of purification, healing, protection, peace, and harmony. This bonsai suits both beginners and thoughtful gift-givers, making it an ideal introduction to the world of bonsai or a delightful gift for enthusiasts.

With options for free next-day delivery or choosing your preferred delivery date at checkout, you can enhance your gift with extras like gift wrapping, balloons, and personalised tags. Along with your bonsai, you’ll receive a comprehensive care guide that includes tips, general variety information, and insights into its symbolism.

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