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Picturesque Indoor Tea Tree Bonsai with Artistic Trunk & White Flowers

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Very aesthetic, flowering Oriental Tea Tree (Carmona Microphylla) bonsai with character trunk styling and star shaped white summer flowers. The trunk flow is strong with a feature shari.

This is the exact bonsai which you will receive!
This is a commanding, flowering Oriental Tea Tree bonsai with meticulous styling and fabulous shape.
A beautifully balanced bonsai with a characteristic trunk, artistic textured bark and exceptional root expose which creates a fantastic link to the pot.
The eye-catching canopy displays rich, glossy foliage placed on well shaped branches which will grow dainty white flowers during summer.
Comes in a shiny black ceramic pot with matching ceramic drip tray, which enhances the vibrant green leaves perfectly.
A lovely symbol of love and devotion – the Oriental Tea tree symbolises courage & heart.
The beautiful range of colours make it a spectacular tree that would fit in any room of the house.
What is a shari?
A shari is a barkless area of trunk that has healed naturally and formed a unique feature. The shari add immense character to the trunk and rounds off this tree perfectly.

I absolutely love this Oriental Tea Tree, my favourite attribute is the strong trunk design. It has a powerful shape yet gnarly textured bark which adds age and intense character to the overall finish of the tree.

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