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Chinese Elm Bonsai Starter Pack

Product Code: GELM2


Begin Your Bonsai Adventure with Our Starter Bonsai Kit!

Embark on the enchanting world of bonsai cultivation with our Starter Bonsai Kit, featuring a magnificent 12-year-old Chinese Elm bonsai. This beginner-friendly kit introduces you to the art of bonsai with a variety boasting a twisty trunk, textured bark, and lush serrated green leaves, making it an ideal starting point for bonsai enthusiasts.

The bonsai comes potted in a navy blue ceramic pot and accompanied by a dark-coloured drip tray, adding a touch of sophistication to your growing experience. Equipped with essential tools, the kit includes pruning scissors to shape and maintain your bonsai’s exquisite form. Dive into the art of bonsai care with the Bonsai Direct care handbook—a comprehensive guide tailored for beginners.

Discover the profound symbolism behind the Chinese Elm, also known as Ulmus parvifolia, representing inner strength, intuition, wisdom, and love—a meaningful addition to your bonsai journey. More than just a collection of items, this Starter Bonsai Kit is an invitation to cultivate mindfulness and appreciation for nature’s beauty. Whether you’re a novice or seeking a thoughtful gift, this kit provides the perfect foundation for nurturing your own miniature masterpiece.

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This bundle includes:

Chinese Elm (Ulmus parvifolia) Beginners Twisty Indoor Bonsai - Medium Size 12 years

In stock

Plastic bonsai drip tray

Small Bonsai Pruning Scissors - Great Value

The Bonsai Direct Care Handbook

Bonsai Variety
Bonsai Care
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