Stunning Large Hinoki cypress Hardy Evergreen Bonsai Garden

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The Hinoki cypress is a classic hardy evergreen bonsai with lovely seasonal foliage changes. Flushed orange to golden-yellow during winter months and golden-green in other seasons. The foliage is soft & compact.

The bark has a lovely flaky reddish-tinge which adds age and character ot the overall bonsai.
A species which orginates from Japan; this variety has become a favourite amoungst bonsai growers for many years.
This specific bonsai has a lovely mutli-stemed appearance and is potted into a classic blue glazed ceramic pot with accent prunus and fature landscpae rocks.
An easy variety of bonsai to care for with all year round appeal and beautiful glazed oriental temple included.

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I love the open structure of this Hinoki Cyress. A favourite in the bonsai world.
Very easy to care for with lovely seasonal colour variation.

This is the bonsai you would receive!

Height (cm): 38Pot Size (cm): 34 x 20Trunk Diameter (cm): 1Age (Years): 10Bonsai Pot: Ocean blue rectangular ceramic bonsai pot.Evergreen Hardy Outdoor Bonsai


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