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Sweet Plum Bonsai – Fruiting Beginners Christmas Bonsai Tree Plant

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A beautiful 13-year-old Chinese Sweet Plum Bonsai, a living masterpiece symbolising beauty and grace. Incredible Christmas present. Ideal eco friendly gift with tasteful wooden hanging robin design ‘Merry Christmas’ tag.

Discover the allure of our easy care 13-year-old Chinese Sweet Plum bonsai (Sageretia theezans). Styled meticulously for 13 years, it embodies an exquisite living masterpiece.

Featuring a trunk with beautiful movement and red-toned bark, this bonsai boasts a lush canopy adorned with dainty leaves and twiggy branches. Russet-toned foliage tips appear in warmer months, followed by small purple plum-like fruits.

Ideal for beginners, the Chinese Sweet Plum (Sageretia theezans) showcases refined structure, lush foliage, and a commanding aura. Presented in a soft cream oval ceramic pot with a matching drip tray, it seamlessly combines aesthetics and functionality.

Symbolising protection, creativity, new life, and warm wishes, this bonsai makes an eco-conscious gift. Its beauty thrives with minimal care, embodying nature’s grace and symbolism.

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