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Syzygium Bonsai Tree – Fruiting & Flowering with Extremely Exposed Roots

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This bonsai tree, a true marvel of design, showcases remarkably unique roots that add to its allure. Miniature temple adds scale, perspective and interest.

Embark on a captivating journey to unveil the enchanting beauty of the Myrtle, embodied in this sophisticated indoor bonsai, also recognized as the Roseapple or Syzygium buxifolium. Whether identified as the Myrtle bonsai, Roseapple bonsai, or Syzygium bonsai tree, this living masterpiece represents nearly a decade of dedicated cultivation. It presents an exquisitely styled bonsai tree boasting expressive roots and graceful movements, a testament to the creativity and artistry invested in its creation, particularly highlighted by the blush red tips adorning the leaves.

This bonsai offers a dual delight with both fruiting and flowering qualities, featuring ivory flowers in the summer and cherry-like fruits in the autumn. The woodland-style trunk showcases red-toned bark with a craggy texture. The remarkably vibrant canopy exhibits naturally miniature green leaves, accentuated by blush red tips during the summer, creating a lush and full appearance through its intricate twiggy branch structure.

Comes potted in a metallic gold ceramic bonsai pot with a matching tray, this Myrtle bonsai transcends mere aesthetics. Symbolising love, good fortune, long life, and joyful living, it stands as an ideal choice for beginners and a cherished gift option. Explore our diverse range of bonsai trees, tailored for beginners, or consider gifting a starter bonsai to fellow enthusiasts.

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