The Perfect Gift – Best Friends

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What gift is better for a dear friend than a tree that will grow with your friendship?

This stunning kit comes with an Oriental Tea Tree bonsai, a dip tray, pruning scissors, bonsai feed, free care instructions and a porcelain ‘Best Friend’ heart tag. The full set of supplies and care booklet make this charming bonsai very easy to care for.

The Oriental Tea Tree is a small, elegant bonsai that is ideal for an indoor accessory. In the summer months, it blooms with delicate white flowers which compliment the waxy green foliage perfectly.

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This bundle includes:

Flowering Oriental Tea Tree (Carmona microphylla) Twisty Indoor Bonsai - Standard Size 8 years old

In stock

Small Drip Tray

Small Bonsai Feed - 100ml

In stock

Small Pruning Scissors

In stock

Tag - Best Friend Porcelain Heart

In stock


I love this bonsai tree gift, with its elegant trunk, deep green glossy leaves and tiny white flowers.
What could be more special than including a pretty porcelain heart with the words ‘Best Friend’ upon it.

Included in this gift set:

  • Elegant  S-Shaped flowering Oriental Tea Tree bonsai with artistic styling in blue ceramic bonsai pot
  • Drip Tray
  • Pruning Scissors
  • Bonsai Feed
  • Best Friend porcelain heart
  • Free care instructions
  • Free delivery to most areas

Height: ~ 30cm Pot size: ~ 15 x 10cm Age: 8 years Please note that all bonsai are unique and that some slight variation from the photograph shown should be expected. All sizes are approximate.

The Oriental Tea Tree (Carmona microphylla) is a simple & elegant bonsai ideal for growing indoors. This bonsai has pretty white flowers during summer months & lovely green, shiny & waxy foliage. The leaves are unusually shaped & well proportioned. The leaves grow in neat clusters allowing the flowers and branch structure to be highly visible. A highly appealing & artistic bonsai.


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